Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cutting Edge Advertising II
Jim Aitchison
Prentice Hall, 2003

We live in what so-called Information Age. That’s because we have reached an understanding that information has values. Aside from helping us understand things better, information is tools to solve problems, help people, save and fix and create thing, make things better, cheaper and more useful, and the most important one; sell something! This age demands a constant stream of information. One of the most recognizable kinds of information that we accept day by day in this age is advertising. Therefore, we can also call this age as The Age of Advertising. They are simply everywhere.

Advertising is one of the success key of marketing. But, since there are so many advertising nowadays, things are getting harder and harder. We are demanded to come up with something with the stopping point, insight and persuasion in one interesting advertising package. We have to add something to the ordinary, so we can present something that extraordinary. So, public will actually stop and buy the things, or at least create a brand awareness and brand experience in their minds.

This book gives us first step-by-step guide to creating cutting edge print ads. A hip but not trendy guide to the many angles involved in the creation of print ads. It covered everything from how advertising works, how brand-building methodologies are changing, how to get an idea, and how copy and art should be crafted. Dozens of new cutting edge print advertisements have been included from the US, UK, Australia and Asia. But that’s not all. For the first time, readers will get to see the latest work from the Philippines, South Africa, China and Eastern Europe. The ads are bigger, clearer and bolder.

Virtually every ad is shown on a page of its own, making the text easier to read. In addition, new creative voices have been added to the main text, following the success of the first edition. It demystifies the advertising creative process, with page after page of practical, inspiring and often controversial advice from such masters. Over 200 print ads and case histories reveal the creative processes at work in many world famous agencies in the US, UK, Asia and Australia.

Jim Aitchison has won over 600 advertising awards. He was creative director of The Ball Partnership, Singapore, and executive creative director of Batey Ads, Singapore. He has judged The One Show, America's leading awards show, and the London International Advertising Awards.

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