Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bloody Brilliant!

I’ve been waiting to see this movie since Warner Bros. announced this project about a year ago. I was lucky enough to get a pass on an advance screening of The Departed last week in Setiabudi 21. I love the original version with Tony Leung and Andy Lau. But I think a little Scorsese’s touch will be very good.

Apparently, The Departed very much its own movie. Scorsese only kept the main story as the basic structure of the film. He added up some sub-plots - layered stories that is not formulaic - in a very subtle way, which make this Hollywood version is even more beautiful and better than the original. The screenplay is simply brilliant. Feelings flow like molten lava. The dialogue overflows with edgy wit and acidulous arias of imprecation.

The next best thing about this film is the superb acting on top of a brilliant story. All casts give excellent performances, especially Leo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson. They build a strong chemistry and share the screen charisma together. Nicholson creates another classic role to add to his already sparkling resume. And DiCaprio, after became Scorsese's next "muse”, he's finally put boyhood behind him and always delivers outstanding acts.

The Departed is rude, bleak, brutal, violent, gory, thrilling and gritty crime drama. Master class in suspense, but purely enjoyable. At its core, "The Departed" is a well-crafted, well-written, and well-acted film. In an age where style usually triumphs over the narrative quality, it surpasses the challenge and become an insightful story about life and value.

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